Ultrasonic Cavitation
Liposuction Without Surgery

Lose Unwanted Inches and Cellulite
with the World’s Latest Technology. 
Have the body you’ve always dreamed of......

Ultra Cavitation is a new system for weight loss and reshaping your figure by reducing body fat without surgery.
Simply based on the idea of ultrasound, through the continuous high-intensity ultrasound waves produced by high temperature, without negatively affecting the normal tissue and blood vessels, our method aims to reshape your body.
This is the most effective treatment for eliminating cellulite tissue, dissolving fat and promoting weight loss. Studies show that traditional liposuction does not treat cellulite; in fact, it makes it more prominent.
Ultrasonic Cavitation treats cellulite directly and the accumulation of fat, promoting smoother skin and reducing it in selected areas. Ultrasonic sessions are available for both women & men. Popular male treatments are commonly described as treatments for abs, love handles or man boobs.
Ultrasonic Cavitation can be used on the following problem areas:
~ Abdomen Flanks (Love Handles)
~ Thighs (Saddle Bags, Inner & Outer)
~ Buttocks
~ Face (Chin & Cheeks)
~ Upper Arms
~ Waist (Love Handles)
~ Back (Bra Line)
~ Hips (Saddle Bags)
~ Knees Ankles
How Ultrasonic Cavitation Works
Ultrasonic refers to sound frequency. An Ultrasonic Cavitation hand-piece will make a sound we cannot hear while it is vibrating. We measure the vibration times per second as sound frequency, and refer to this as Hertz. Humans can hear from 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz. We are unable to hear anything above or below these levels. Therefore soundwaves with frequency above 20,000 hertz we call Ultrasonic. A Megahertz is 1,000,000 hertz; we refer to as MHz. Usually an ultrasonic frequency of 1MHz to 5MHz is used for various medical treatments. It is highly penetrative and directional.
The vibration of ion (positive and negative alternation of sound waves) produces a strong wave of pressure to fat cell membranes. Usually a fat cell membrane cannot withstand this pressure, it will explode into the liquid content. This liquid product leaves the body through the normal channels of the body’s metabolism.
Ultrasonic Cavitation customers have seen results which we believe are due to the quantity of fat cells being destroyed and therefore reduced, and the body’s fat cell metabolism is improved. Destroying these fat cells can remove the body’s environment for fat storage.
1 - Session  $99
6 - Sessions  $360
12 - Sessions  $540
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